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Tower of Fun Arrives to Entertain Prospect Lefferts Gardens

Been a while since we turned our attention to that little corner of the world that goes by the acronym of PLG, but the arrival of the NYPD's Tower of Fun is a good reason. The Tower, seen earlier this week at Shea Stadium, gets around. And every time it shows up in a neighborhood, it certainly pleases. Nabe blogger Across the Park calls it:

the big ass watchtower (of the non-Jehovah's Witness variety) parked at the BP station on Flatbush Ave. and Lincoln Rd...Back to the tower: what the hell is this thing? It's scary. Is it supposed to deter crime? If so, it probably will. How long will it be around? Can it transform into a robot?For answers look here, here, here and here.
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