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Brooklyn's Case of the Demolition Measles

What would all those Brooklyn demolitions look like if someone plotted them on a map and matched them against things like historic districts and rezonings? The Municipal Art Society decided to check out the links between rezoning, redevelopment plans and demolition. So, they matched up demolition permits issued last year with ten areas in Brooklyn that have been rezoned, including the big Downtown Brooklyn and Williamsburg/Greenpoint waterfront upzonings. What they found--other than a lot of clusters of red dots that make Brooklyn look like it's suffering from a skin condition--is (drum roll) that upzoning leads to a lot demolition. (For all you map lovers, there are several posted with the article.) They also offer the fun factoid that Brooklyn lost five buildings and gained four new ones every day in 2005, as measured by permits. Which is a lot of stuff coming down and going up.
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