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On the Racked: Bowery Still Sleazy, Greenpoint Starbucks Karaoke?!, Rats Invading Sample Sales Now

And now, the latest from Racked, covering NYC shopping from the sidewalks up.

1) East Village: Breaking news from a Racked tipster: "The venerable 24-hour BOWERY VIDEO AKA 'ALL KIND OF VIDEOS' has been shut down for...PROSTITUTION. It is directly next store to the swish new BOWERY HOTEL. Is this a defeat or a coup for Sean McPhearson and '...that Old New York experience' for which he strives??? TBD."

2) Greenpoint: Will the much-ballyhooed new Starbucks location please stop taunting us? Apparently not—per today's tuneful word on the street, karaoke is on tap.

3) Tribeca: Those lovable rats, apparently bored of tormenting the restaurants around town, turn their attention to Tribeca sample sales: "Just returned from Calypso's sample sale—I got a pair of boots but decided to stop digging in the boxes of clothes after an employee was called in to club to death a rat that was relaxing among a display of diaper bags on a shelf." Go ahead—take another 10% off.