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In Memoriam: Tonic

[Above left, Tonic, back in the day. Above right, Tonic, 10:45am this morning]

Friday the 13th—appropriately, the last night of operation for Lower East Side club Tonic at its 107 Norfolk Street location. Once a barren wasteland, the area has famously gone condo-crazy, as seen in the photo below from this morning (that's Tonic in a BLUE-Switch Building sandwich—tasty). The great John Zorn will usher the joint into retirement this evening. A moment of silence, please.

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UPDATE: Tonic fans will not go quietly into the night. Brooklyn Vegan reports that musicians and friends are urged to gather at Tonic at 11am tomorrow in protest: "DON'T LET REALTORS DECIDE NEW YORK CITY’S CULTURAL FATE!" [Brooklyn Vegan]

UPDATE II: Singer Miho Hatori from the Tonic stage last night: "Everywhere we go, it's gonna be, like, buildings." [The Real Estate]

BLUE BONUS: Tonic or not, BLUE continues apace. A tipster emails, "Here's another unimpressive Blue rental. Seems that the pixelated glass makes the views from the inside kind of chintzy. And the kitchen and bath look ho-hum boring." Charmingly, Sotheby's refers to the building as "The Blue." [Sotheby's]

Switch Building

109 Norfolk Street, New York, NY 10002