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Quadriad Vague About Its Big Bedford Avenue Plans

Anyone that's been on Bedford Avenue in the last year-and-a-half has possibly noticed the huge empty lot at N. 3rd and Bedford and the skeletal building at the corner of N. 4th. Quadriad Development is now planning to break ground on part of the project in August and will try to get part of the property rezoned for a 20-story tower. (The good news: it's not the group of four towers up to 40 stories tall that was originally discussed as "Williamsburgh Square." The bad news: It's a 20 story building at N. 3rd and Berry that would require reversal of the earlier downzoning that allowed waterfront highrises.) Buildings along Bedford Avenue would be 5-7 stories. Some townhouses would go on N. 3rd Street. And, Williamsburg's Next Finger would got at N. 3rd and Berry. The developer doesn't own the southern half of the block (where the Skeleton Building is). Yet. Interestingly, Quadriad is partnering with the People's Fire House to develop some affordable housing on the site. Quadriad was originally shopping a proposal to build 28 highrises in Williamsburg. No word on the status of that master plan.
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