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Ask Curbed: Can We Get Over on the New Landlord?

All kinds of questions, from the ridiculous to the sublime land in our Asked Curbed inbox. Today, we turn to one that might provoke some interesting discussion, which boils down to what you can do with a new landlord in a building where no one has a lease. Details dead ahead:

i live in a (4) unit apartment building in astoria. not one tenant in the building has a lease with the landlord. we all pay month to month with the landlord. the landlord is a nice guy, and takes care of anything we've asked. we stay out of his business and he stays out of ours. i came home yesterday to find a remax for sale sign posted on the building. what does this mean for the tenants if the building is sold? what does it mean for the new landlord? because we have no lease, could we potentially not pay rent to the new landlord? we currently have no legal obligation to pay the current landlord, it is only paid in good faith. the current landlord has had issues with tenants not paying rent, then ditching the residence. the building is in decent shape, and rent is on par with the rest of the neighborhood, but because there is no lease, there is no legal obligation...any suggestions?Answers in the comment section.
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