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Sunnyside Gardens Preservation War Update

Of all of the preservation fights in New York City, who would have expected the move to designate Sunnyside Gardens in Queens as a historic district to turn so nasty? There's a hearing before the Landmarks Preservation Commission tomorrow and it looks like it won't be a genteel affair focusing on architecture. The Historic District Blog writes:

Radical elements in the community have mounted a very public assault on the designation process. Despite the support of hundreds of neighbors in favor of landmarking, the designation of this nationally-important development as a New York City Historic District is far from certain...If this designation does not pass due to the race-baiting gutter politics of its opponents, it may have terrible implications for future preservation efforts throughout the city.At issue is a 600-building, 1,200-unit development built in the 1920s. The pro-landmarking side is the Sunnyside Gardens Preservation Alliance. The anti-landmarking side is Preserve Sunnyside Gardens (no website). Find it on a map here.
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