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Zinc Building Update: Water, Water Everywhere

A tipster emails from a former HoodWatch development site in North Tribeca: "After months of digging and proving once and for all there really is water under Canal Street, the Zinc building finally gets ready to go vertical. But you better hurry. According to their latest NYTimes ad, 'There is only one penthouse left!'"

And sure enough, there it is—2,768 square feet of duplex for $5.25 million. (Per the broker babble, "PH East is a fabulous duplex with 42 Banks of Windows North, South and East." Also, savvy buyers may want to reflect on the fact that the South penthouse went for a million bucks less for nearly identical square footage.) There are some smaller listings left in the building, too, including a $955,000 one bedroom on the second floor, near the water.
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