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Son of BLUE to Rise on Lower East Side?

[At left, BLUE. At right, renderings for one 'Delancey Tower']

Perhaps it's a good thing Tonic got out when it did. "Does BLUE have a friend?" a tipster enquires. "While perusing Peter Gluck & Partners architects' website i found in their 'in progress' Projects section a Delancey Tower, with a rendering and a model shot of said Delancey Tower in pink foam across the street from (cough) BLUE? Could it be, does BLUE and blue's little gofer, Switch, have a new friend moving in?"

Oh sweet Jesus. Above, the first of several jaw-dropping renderings of the project, which we know next to nothing about. But knowledge is overrated—it is enough to know that someone even conceptualized this project. That said, we did walk this block of Norfolk over the weekend in search of signs of work; this lot would require a teardown before construction could begin.

· Delancey Tower [Peter Gluck & Partners]