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$2 Rodent Discount in Long Island City?

With all this talk about paying $1,000 for a single square foot of shit-hot Long Island City soil, sometimes we lose sight of the important things. Like grocery stores. In the age of FreshDirect, it's easy to forget that some consumers prefer brick-and-mortar for their produce purchases, but indeed, some poor souls do. So, how does that factor into LIC condo prices? According to this totally awesome email from a broker, it factors greatly:

It is alarming to see all the mention on the prices of long island city real estate escalating, when in reality it has started to reverse. Understand that a neighborhood's present state dictates what the asking prices will be, and in long island city there is a problem as there is no supermarket. Having no supermarket in Long Island City automatically deducts $2 to $5 a square foot off the asking price. Now there is another problem, Long Island City, the area desirable near Queens West, has only 1 Deli that is open 24 hours and according to the many residents on the QueensWest website,it is invaded with mice. This now deters and deducts an additional $2 per square foot off any asking price.

To knowingly have a food establishment with rodents in a community just brings down property values, I myself in the last week have lost 3 condo sales because of this problem, woman do not want to live among mice or see them in the only food establishment open 24hours.

I understand that you are a real property website but many things factor in the prices of real property and those things should be brought to light to as well.Yes, women do not want to live among mice. Men, however, can't get enough. And here's a bit of LIC news: The Echelon, pictured way above, seems to have disappeared from the Developers Group website. Was it all the Echelon mania? Who knows, but there are two units for rent, via Apts and Lofts, at $2,450 for a one-bedroom and $3,400 for a two-bedroom. Rodent renegotiation pending, of course.
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