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Advertecture Attacks the Home: Et Tu, Foot Locker?

You've probably seen those ads that get projected onto the sides of buildings, but usually that form of guerilla advertising is saved for commercial and touristy areas. Usually. We bring you the plight of an East Village resident, who?from 10 p.m. to midnight a couple of recent night?practically had the ads beamed into his living room:

After speaking with 311, in hopes that someone from the city would come out immediately to fix the problem, I took it to the streets. Before confronting the guerrilla advertiser, I checked the zoning law and this advertising posted on the newly developed 101 East 10th Street (in a C6-1 district) is illegal. When I went to the street, the guy--who said he was employed by "street blimps"-- said that he would take it down if it was a problem. Considering the direct light in my apartment felt like it was high noon, I told him that 1. he was in violation of zoning codes, 2. the Department of Buildings is on him, 3. Community Board 3 has been notified, he took it down.

Needless to say, Adidas and Foot locker should be in for some trouble as I will continue to follow up with CB 3 and DOB.
It's like the downtown version of the Kenny Rogers' Roasters episode of Seinfeld. Must. Buy. Trendy. Sneakers.
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