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Celebrity Real Estate Wrap: High Society Heads Downtown

1) Author Jay McInerney and his heiress bride, Anne Hearst, have purchased the penthouse at 25 East 9th Street for $3.2 million. The two-bedroom pre-war co-op apparently has very lovely outdoor space, because that's all you're gonna see from the listing. Lots of space for entertaining, which we know McInernery is not shy about. The penthouse was sold by the daughter of a former Colombian ambassador to the U.S., who is married to a great-great-grandson of Teddy Roosevelt. Yikes, pedigree much? [Braden Keil/Gimme Shelter; building photo: PropShark]

2) It looks like Jonathan Steinberg has forgiven his wife, CNBC "Money Honey" Maria Bartiromo, for all those private flights with that other dude. The couple just bought a $6.5 million townhouse on East 62nd Street, with a second-floor balcony overlooking a 39-foot-long backyard garden. The place was bought in 2004 for $6.8 million. Whoops. [Max Abelson/Transfers; Josh Barbanel/Big Deal]

3) In case you missed it, Madonna postponed her visit to 179 Ludlow Street, but her rep took a tour and "loved it." Madge will swing by this week to see if the retail space fits the bill for a LES kabbalah kastle. By the way, we have Jason Pomeranc to blame for all this. [The Real Estate]

4) CNBC talk show host and former advertising titan Donny Deutsch has added another trophy to his portfolio of $20 million homes. Deutsch picked up a 3.3-acre estate in East Hampton for $29 million after a bidding way. The 300-year-old main house on the property is being moved to another location, so the Don will be building his own dreampad on the site, which is right smack next to Jerry Seinfeld. [Keil]