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Portrait of a Lower East Side Tenement Building

A tipster emails, "I live in this bldg, and just noticed this listing over the weekend. Of course, I am paying one of the largest rents in the bldg. I thought the rent breakdown was pretty fascinating."

What we're looking at here, courtesy of the Massey-Knakal listing, is part of the listing for 80 Delancey Street (at Allen) on the Good Old LES. Notable about the building is the presence of Starbucks, which is paying $170,000 annually for the privilege of having finally infiltrated the neighborhood. And it's always a good time to compare the rent-controlled five-room apartment renting for $91/month with the three-room place going for $2060/month. Final word from our tipster: "Found out today that the bldg has sold. Not sure if they got the asking price."
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