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Williamsburg's 184 Kent: Now With Weird Orange Things

More than once, we've looked at Williamsburg's famous 184 Kent, which was cleared of residents almost a year ago, and wondered what the heck was going on with the development plans. Now, a Williamsburg correspondent with a nice view points a camera at the landmarked-unlandmarked building and notes that the building has sprouted orange accessories on the roof:

any idea what those things orange things are? view platforms for future investors? i've seen that out west on pieces of land before any house is built to give the future owner an idea of their views. maybe here?The orange things don't entirely match the location of the new construction that 184 will sprout, but who knows, maybe Northside Piers going up in, like, four months, has spurred action. If you've forgotten, you can check out the last set of renderings we saw here.
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