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Building Collapse Betting Pool: Slope's 1504 8th Ave.

South Slope blogger IMBY, who has carefully chronicled the impact that a neighboring construction project has had on the buildings around it, notes that second anniversary of the project that has caused the major crack epidemic at 1504 8th Avenue in the South Slope. To help celebrate, we're going bend the rules a bit and enter 1504 8th in our Building Collapse Betting Pool. If you don't remember the cracked out South Slope building in question you can refresh your memory here, here and here. In any case, if 1504 wins, it should be captured on film, as the building now has Crack Cams. IMBY writes the building just scored some new crack:

Wow, check out the new crack on the side of the now vacated 1504 8th Avenue. It formed over night. It's the one starting just above the spray painted "B". The one without any crack monitors on it yet. Then there's that massive crack that runs the entire height of the building. It has spread wide open, especially at the top near the parapet wall.This one is looking like a strong candidate, people. Got a nominee for the Building Collapse Betting Pool? Send it along to
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