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Hipster Confesses: I Started Grand St. Destruction

As Gawker reported yesterday and we mentioned in the PM Linkage, Saturday night saw a wild hipster "destruction party" at 196 Grand Street in Manhattan, a tenement supposedly scheduled for demolition this week (although Property Shark shows no such permit listed). Yes, the only way to get the kids out of Williamsburg is to promise them carnage, and that's exactly what they got. Some images of said destruction are trickling out. Up top, a photo of one of the bathrooms in the building, which was posted on the Music For Robots blog. And here's a video clip from the street, which probably features the greatest sign-off of all time:

All that glass getting tossed out of the windows was probably why the cops came, and there were some arrests. We've received correspondence from the anonymous hipster who claims to have started the smashing, and not surprisingly, it's a case of follow the leader. He writes: "I was there for the whole destruction thing. I actually kicked it off. I kicked a small hole in the wall and people fuckin lost it. Tore the place down." Kids these days.
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