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On the Racked: The Sound of No Dogs Barking, Gap Design Editions Madness, Brooklyn Gets a Bank!

And now, the latest from Racked, covering NYC shopping from the sidewalks up.

[Image by noanoanoah/Racked Photo Pool]

1) Meatpacking: The melancholy of the above image of the darkened Woofspa at Hudson and West 14th Street speaks for itself. Farewell, oatmeal baths and hot-oil treatments! Also shuttering in the general area: kitschy barwear and home goods Mr. Pink, and, a bit further south, it's curtains for art: Tao {the art of} Living and Art of Cooking are both finito. Oh, and of course, there's the Girlshop closing saga to round out the carnage.

2) Midtown: When the Gap Design Editions dropped yesterday, Racked camped out at the Gap's flagship on Fifth Avenue and documented the mayhem.

3) Cobble Hill: Finally, one for all the old Bankfronting fans in our midst. Per an email from a Racked tipster, "The biggest retail space at the Brooklyn Heights Walentas development at 125 Court Street looks likes it's beginning its retail development. My inside info tells me that Sovereign Bank will take over the massive storefront at the corner of Altantic and Court." All together now—exhale.