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On the Market: Familiar Farmhouse Chopped?

Floorporned above is over 4,000 square feet of transparent glory, the penthouse unit at the Glass Farmhouse on far West 37th Street. We say over 4,000sf because of the loads of private outdoor space not included in that number. Pretty splashy! The $5.8 million listing is being pushed by Corcoran's Lawrence Comroe and Tony Oakley (amazing web presence!), who have dubbed the place the Skylight Penthouse and set up a website to extol its virtues. The pent?hey wait a second! Is this the same place that was all set to go for over $8 million during a bonus season bidding war? This would certainly be a fairly dramatic turn of events. Records show that this unit is the combined Penthouses D and E, bought together for $5 million a little while back. Have some gigantoid flip dreams been dashed?
· Skylight Penthouse []
· Listing: 448 West 37th Street [Corcoran]
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