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As the Sheffield Turns: Stabies Throw Some Jabs

As developer Kent Swig appeals the court decision that would allow 23 market-rate tenants to continue living in his Sheffield57 condo conversion project, the Observer's Matthew Schuerman catches up with both sides of this ongoing saga. The 80 or so rent-stabilized tenants, who are allowed to stay no matter what, are charging that the renovation of the 48-story building is not being conducting properly, including a little cameo from that old nemesis, asbestos. While they enlist politicians to their cause, Schuerman takes a stroll through the building:

On a recent tour of the building, The Observer saw that tiles in many hallways had been removed and coated with some sort of material and that the stucco-like ceilings had been sanded down. Wallpaper had also been removed; one of the elevators was off-limits; and the sweet smell of mold hung in the air.Yum. Said Swig of the renovations: "Frankly, the residents have hit the lottery—they are going to end up with one of the finest buildings in New York City, and the rent-stabilized tenants are going to be able to stay in the building with regulated rents.” Yeah, so you take your asbestos and you effin' like it!
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