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The Gondola is Dead. Long Live the Gondola!

Every time architect Santiago Calatrava's bizarre vision for a Governors Island gondola slips our mind, someone comes along and reminds us that?while it's most likely not gonna happen?the Calatravola is not impossible. Last time around, the Sun dug up its grave in a story about Gov's Island development plans, and on this go-round, it's none other than Deputy Mayor Dan Doctoroff who mentions the potential transportation service. Rich Calder writes in the Post:

Deputy Mayor Dan Doctoroff said the city's Economic Development Corp. is still keeping the idea of a futuristic-looking span designed by renowned architect Santiago Calatrava on the table. "So far, there are some challenges, but no show stoppers," Doctoroff said during a meeting of the city-state Governors Island Education and Preservation Corp., which he chairs.

We really, really want to believe, but what will really get us pumped up is when we see more than the same grainy rendering a Calatrava intern slapped together in Photoshop.
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