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'Burg Hipsterism, Continued: Ikon Fake Celebs Edition

It took us a minute to get to Page Six today, but, damn, are we glad we did, because if we hadn't we would have missed this precious gem:

It hasn't been all bad this week for Matthew Bronfman. Though the Seagram heir had to quit as the director of the Discount New York Bank even though he's the controlling shareholder, tonight he unveils Ikon, his condo apartment complex in Williamsburg. Local hipsters will sneer as celebrity look-alikes try to drum up some pandemonium by alighting from limos to walk the red carpet while a horde of fake paparazzi snap

away.Calling all hipsters: Come back from Bushwick and represent, would you? Or hire some hipster extras. Something, for the Love of God.
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