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'Burg Hipster Elitists Don't Want to Share McCarren Pool

[Photo via Flickr/milk and pepsi]

One of the complaints about the controversial summer concert series at Williamsburg's McCarren Pool is that the programming isn't diverse enough. Last year's set of shows seemed to cater to hipsters, and hipsters only. This summer, it looks like the organizers are at least trying to branch out a little, because as BrooklynVegan reports, the hippie jambands Disco Biscuits and Umphrey's McGee have been booked to play the pool in August. So how are the hipsters taking it? Not well. Not well at all:

In the end, the irritating fans and monotony of the music caused me to abandon jam bands for greener pastures. SO, be sure to avoid McCarren Park and Bedford Ave on 8/15 if troves of Long Island hippy stoners and twenty-minute suck-fest songs scare you as much as they scare me.

So says Crooked Rain. Adds Free Williamsburg: "Obviously, Live Nation (aka Clear Channel) has its fingers on the pulse of Williamsburg." Meow! Folks, the run-down, decrepit old pool is to be shared, not hoarded. Play nice!
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