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Selling the Stanhope: Here Come the Models

The super-luxe condop conversion of the Upper East Side's famed Stanhope Hotel?where slow sales have been blamed on everything from hobbit holes to watercolors (watercolors!)?is getting a fresh sales pitch in the form of two newly-opened model units, up on the fifth floor. Each of the 26 units still cost over $10 million and carry $9,000/month maintenance fees, but this time around the Extell/Corcoran gang thinks they've nailed it. The Sun got the scoop from interior designer Eric Cohler:

Mr. Cohler said his goal in redesigning was to incorporate the units' existing design elements into new furnishings. Pointing to the old-fashioned features, such as a butler's pantry off the kitchen, Mr. Cohler said the design was intended to look traditional. He said he worked with an imaginary family in mind. "These people are traditionalists, but they don't want to be like their parents," Mr. Cohler said of the building's potential inhabitants. "It's all about the kids and the family and having fun."

Certainly sounds nice, but hasn't the targeting of imaginary buyers been the problem all along?
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