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Bushwick is Having a Moment

After a lively thread discussion on the merits of the neighborhood, today the Post points the hype machine at Bushwick, and all the glorious new condos under construction there. 358 Grove doesn't get a mention, but 101 Wyckoff (above) gets the full star treatment, and we can't really diasgree. WY101, as it's known, marketed by Elliman's Lisa Maysonet (who coined "Jetsonville" but couldn't actually sell anything there), had the balls to proudly state the fact that it's 8 L-train stops outside of Manhattan?approximately 54 in human stops?and yet, the 32 units were quickly snatched up. Blogger Set Speed, writing on Brownstoner, said, "It's surprising that so many buyers would pay $450-500 per square foot for this location."

Ah, but is it? We're dealing with an explosion of new development here. There are plenty of other newbies: 1265 Decatur, 241 Troutman (awesome logo), etc. It looks like Bushwick is the new Williamsburg. No, really, just ask local cafe owner Len Moroz, who says, "It's what Williamsburg was in the '90s. It's what SoHo was in the '80s." Ah, finally, the post-Williamsburg world! We knew it would come. The topic not addressed: If Maysonet was as confident in the selling power of Bushwick as she says she was, why did the marketing materials claim 101 Wyckoff is in "the ever-expanding neighborhood of East Williamsburg?"
· 'Wick-ed Cool [NYP]

UPDATE: The Sun deflates the balloon a little, writing, "Despite being repeatedly proclaimed as the city's newest hip neighborhood, it still looks disorderly and a little dejected." [NYSun]