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CurbedWire: First Avenue Cryptic, Illegal Bedford Lot, Save the Middle East

EAST VILLAGELet's kick off with some cryptic development news. A tipster reports, "some condos are on the come up at 75 1st Ave [at East 5th St.] in Manhattan. They removed the building that was there already. I know the prop. owner, will keep you posted." [CurbedWire Inbox]

WILLIAMSBURGTurns out that huge vacant lot on Bedford Ave being used for parking is actually supposed to be a vacant lot. The property owners have been cited by the Dept. of Buildings for improper occupancy. [CurbedWire Inbox]

MIDTOWN EASTA Rumblings tipster follows up with a response to the Rumblings answers from a few weeks back. Grab a seat and settle in, as they say:

Since you posted my query about what's going on with the proposed condo tower at 57th and 2nd, I've read a lot of comments obviously made by people who don't live in the neighborhood who tell me I'm damn lucky that someone's going to construct a giant 55 story condo tower on my corner. I've read that I must live in a "dilapidated" "rental" "lousy view" apartment and that I should thank my lucky stars that I get to live with jackhammer noise, blocked sidewalks, monolithic erasure of air and light, and additional traffic and pedestrian congestion so that my "property values will go up." Well, thank you all who don't live here!! Why don't you buy an apartment in my building and enjoy the side effects! In fact, I own a beautifully maintained apartment on East 57th with 2 terraces, lovely open city views, and professionals and families living in the building.
Okay, it's not perfect: there is a lot of noise from the traffic going to the 59th Street Bridge. But things are going to go downhill quickly due to the proposed 55 story monstrosity: I don't look forward to the blockage of sunlight, space and views, even more traffic, the destruction of yet more local businesses, and ear-splitting noise from jackhammers and blowups awakening me in the morning. Hey guys: come visit me in six months and tell me how lucky I am.

I'm not alone in my P.O.'d ness. Here's what I've heard recently: 4 or 5 coop boards in the neighborhood have banded together to hire a law firm to fight the enormousness of this planned condo tower. They've met with City Councilman Dan Garodnick, who listed politely but who probably will not fight the city getting $$$ from a developer. What politician would? Who cares about the quality of life of a neighborhood when there's money to be made? Who cares about corner stores, local landmarks, charming small businesses, free sidewalks, open city views, when you can pocket millions that you should have made from prudent budgeting rather than from imposing more congestion on an already overbuilt neighborhood?

I hope that someone with actual information will reply to this, rather than people who visited a friend in the nabe once or twice and therefore feel like they're an expert about the condocation of the zip code. Thanks but no thanks.

Well then. [CurbedWire Inbox]