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BrownstoneEV Goes Naked; Three Down, One to Go?

The Brownstone East Village, the daring/gimmicky 14th Street Development Du Jour with the retractable glass wall and heavy-duty continuous fan, has dropped its sheer sheath. Unfortunately, there's still no good glimpse at the second-floor glass, because it doesn't appear to be installed yet. Tease!

What we do have a glimpse at, however, is a renovated brownstone that looks?as of now, anyway?like a regular old East Village brownstone. According to the Corcoran site, just one out of four units remains on the market: the $2.495 million triplex penthouse, with two bedrooms and a retractable glass wall of its own. And the cool thing is that the listing has been updated with interior shots. At right, the sixth-floor kitchen that opens up to a "setback dining terrace" when the glass is lifted. It all looks a little cramped, but it could just be the photo.

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