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Curbed Readers Comment: Hot Threads

1) 'Burg Hipster Elitists Don't Want to Share McCarren Pool (69 comments)
"Either use it as a pool, or fill it in with cement. I personally can't understand why anyone would want to stand in the sweltering heat, and listen to crappy music to begin with. Only in NY."
2) 47 E. 3rd: Rally 'Round the Mansion (61 comments)
"Only in New York would we question the 'right' of someone that owns a house to evict a tenant. Jeesh. ...anyways, if I had a bajillion dollars, that certainly would be a sweeet and wide place to reside!"
3) Bushwick Is Having a Moment (56 comments)
"i'm an architect and i live in Bushwick and although i do live across from an active junk yard and someone was mugged and beaten in my lobby last week i must say the neighborhood is quite inviting and charming in that post-industrialized sort of way."
4) Ask Curbed: What to Do When the Door Slammeth Shut? (52 comments)
"I moved to NY because NYers get to exist with total disregard for others and not suffer the repercussions. We're anonymous, not accountable, and because we spend such an obscene amount of money to live here we're entitled to do as we please. i slam my door, wear high heels on my hardwood floors at all hours, have loud dinner parties, chain smoke, and have loud sex. So WHAT?"
4) Portrait of a Lower East Side Tenement Building (52 comments)
"So if living on Delancey street before 1971 was a "sweet deal" at $90 or $200/mo., and staying in the same apt. for >36 years, watching as asshat hipster developer wannabes replaced the crackheads who replaced the thugs, etc., then yeah, sweet deal."