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Edge Tosses Up a Fence on Kent Ave., Gets Ready to Rock

[Photo courtesy of I'm Just Sayin'/flickr]
The Edge--the big development on Kent Avenue in Williamsburg--is happening. For real. Williamsburg blogger INSIJS, who has noted many an Edgy development, surveys the rapidly changing scene and writes:

Following a couple of sneaky 4 AM trailer drops last week, work has begun in earnest to transform the former B.E.D.T. site to a 1,000-unit waterfront highrise complex. By Friday morning, four trailers and five bulldozers were on-scene; the concrete foundation and pad at North 6th Street had been jackhammered, and crews were seen sniffing the freshly-turned and suspiciously black soil for signs of...? On Wednesday, crews removed the metal wall along the North 7th dead-end, and began erecting a ten foot cyclone fence that will stretch from the L-Train fan plant at the foot of North 7th Street, around the corner and south along Kent Avenue to the North 5th Street entrance of the Northside Piers site. The towering fence gobbles up the entire sidewalk width, meaning no walking (or parking?) on the west side of Kent from North 4th to North 7th anytime soon.

INSIJS also notes that the famous N. 6th Street dead end/dumping ground is being sealed off and the always-interesting "bag mural" at N. 6th and Kent is going the recycling center. Damn.
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