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Gowanus Rezoning Off to Peaceful Start

The long process of rezoning Gowanus--where developers like the Toll Brothers wish to build--is underway. One of the first meetings with the community drew planning heavy hitters like Planning Director Amanda Burden for a "listening session" with community members. Whereas Gowanus has been described as being "like the Balkans" when it comes to hardened positions on development, it was hard to tell from the low key--dare we say, civil--tone of the meeting last night. One indication of the good feelings vibe is that when people were asked to use one word for what they'd like open space along South Brooklyn's Grand Canal to be like, they offered words like "bucolic," "inviting," "romantic," "manicured," "funky" and the always-popular "rodent-free." Yes, someone really said, "bucolic" and "Gowanus Canal" in the same sentence. Less warmth and fuzziness possible as the discussion goes on.
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