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Trump's SoHo-Tel A New Mar-a-Lago ?

[The Trump site on the corner of Spring and Varick Streets]

All the recent rain may have created a perfect storm for The Donald's new bone-free condo-tel project at the edge of SoHo. A cardinal rule of real estate is that waterfront property brings in the biggest bucks, and Mr. Trump has already hit the jackpot with his Mar-a-Lago Club down in Palm Beach. So why not re-create that "Sea-to-Lake" formula right here in Manhattan?

As can be seen the Trump Hole is just oozing water. And it's a fact that back in ye olden days this part of NYC was a big wet marshland (read: swamp). Flooding is just part of the price you pay for living in this corner of downtown. Maybe the folks at the nearby Zinc condo development on Canal Street should quit fretting over all that water collecting inside their foundation.

[The Trump site with newly-installed drainage pipes surrounding the "lake"]

Water wants to rise to its own level. So don't fight it. Build on it. And not to worry. Should the water down this way really get out of control the FEMA-type folks have come up with all sorts of evacuation plans. Meanwhile, enjoy the lakefront views.

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