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Rumblings & Bumblings Responses: No Luxe at 75 Smith, Boys & Girls Club?

Special delayed-response edition of R & B. Answers to Wednesday's questions below. If you've got a better answer, another question, or a sweet, sweet digital photograph, drop a line to leave a note in the comments.

1) Boerum Hill: The stalled progress at 75 Smith (right, spring '06) elicited considerable commentary last week, which can be summed up thusly: Yes, it's stalled. A commenter says the new delivery date is an optimistic August. Whenever the final coat goes on, several observers suggest the "luxe" will be missing from the equation. Says "Boerum Hillsider," "That thing looks (I'm not an architect nor engnieer nor actor playing one) like a disaster and really shoddy."
2) Lower East Side: Will the former Boys & Girls Club on Houston and Pitt gets its own luxe conversion? One commenter says no, "affordable housing."
3/4) Hell's Kitchen #1,2: Alas, no love for Hell's Kitchen. Nothing to report from the development at 409-413 W. 53rd St. or 8th ave between 51st and 52nd.
5) East Village: As noted last week, 13th street & 4th Ave is still going to be a McSam hotel. Brace.
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