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Coming to the Old Brig Site in Wallabout

There are not a lot of chances to use the words Brig, Wallabout and real estate development in the same sentence, but this is one of them. The city has picked a developer for the site of the old Naval Prison across from the Brooklyn Navy Yard. A 434-unit complex will be replacing the old jail and will mix market rate and affordable units along with some commercial space. The development will cover a full square block. (The Naval Prison was built in the 1940s and was used as a detention center by the INS after the Navy Yard closed. It was torn down in 2005. The developers--Dunn Development and L&M Equity Participants, Ltd. are also doing the affordable hosuing part of the Toll Brothers Northside Piers, called Palmer's Dock. Looks like the working name for this one is Navy Green, and construction is supposed to start next year. What, The Brig didn't work?
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