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That's Rather Awesome: Personal Touch to This Prewar

Usually we spotlight listings with odd photos showing even odder design choices under the banner "That's Rather Hideous." And maybe our tipster was nominating this smallish Gramercy/Flatiron one-bedroom for that dubious honor when he wrote, "This beats an awkward floral arrangement or a weird stuffed animal placement by about a mile!" But frankly, this one's kinda awesome. We love it when someone can squeeze a little personality into those cold, lonely listings. Like when you want to show off your Australian cypress floor, why not contrast it with your dog's chew toy? Or when you want potential buyers to see that they can have a nice little dining alcove, why not take a break?mid-meal?and wish for world peace while being seated under a framed dog head? Kudos. And click through to the listing for the crowning achievement: the hand-drawn floorplan. Usually that's an absolute disaster, but we might commission this guy to do the official Curbed staff portrait. Very nice.
· Listing: prewar with modern touch [NYT]