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Ask Curbed: Can I Get Out of the Lease After the Breakup?

We have a feeling that this question to the Curbed Inbox has been asked more than once in the last 60 minutes somewhere in New York City:

I rent an apartment and signed a new lease in January for one more year. The new lease is up February 28, 2008. I've lived there for many years with my partner. Well, we just broke up, and she's moving out, and I really can't afford to live there by myself for another year. Even if I could manage it, well, I really don't *want* to. If I call my landlord and explain the circumstances, and give him two months notice, what are the chances of getting out of the lease? Should he be an ass about it, what's the worst that can happen if I break it?Answers, as always, in the comments section.
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