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Harlem Jumbotron: Digital MeatBoard for 125th Street?

While some new developments in the neighborhood run from their Harlem roots, Harlem itself—or the intersection of Adam Clayton Powell Blvd. and 125th Street, to be precise—is stepping up its game. Seems the intersection is the proposed new home for a "digital community information center"—essentially, a huge Times Square-like jumbotron. Via fax, Harlem Fur reports the specifics of the proposal:

Harlem Community Information Center (HCIC) will be the first digital community information center on 125th Street and will provide the community with up to date information on everything that's going on in Harlem... HCIC will provide a constant flow of programming focused on "Harlem-centric" information as well as opportunities for local and national businesses to promote their businesses and services to Harlem consumers.Awesome. Any similarities to The Onion's letters policy is purely coincidental.
· Times Square Jumbotron Insanity Coming to 125th? [Harlem Fur]