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UES Luxe Showdown: Brompton vs. Lucida, Round 1

We love a good Upper East Side turf war, so we're indebted to Andrew Fine (he of this spiffy new broker blog) for sending along the above construction site photos, with this color: "I have attached aerial pics of the progress of The Brompton (Related) and The Lucida (Extell). Given that they are both luxe condos going up on 86th Street and are both expected to complete Fall '08 it will be interesting to watch and see who gets the job done first. From a construction standpoint they have been neck and neck for the past few months and they still are (these pics are from a few weeks back), but I can say Lucida took the edge by getting their impressive sales office open on March 22nd and holding a couple of heavily attended opening parties."

We've spied The Lucida in a recent Development Du Jour post; about the Brompton, we'll have more to say soon, but until then, here's a peek. The Curbed opening line: Lucida, 3:2.
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The Lucida

151 East 85th Street, New York, NY 10028