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166 Perry is Such a Tease

The teaser site for 166 Perry Street has gone live, which is usually a frustrating thing. We want pictures of hotly-anticipated developments, not flash animation, damn it! But, ah, we've already seen what the building will look like, of course?via a book! (Of all places!) The website does let us know that the development will have 24 units, and a special Curbed tipster adds some color:

166 Perry Street is the first major building by cult figure theorist/virtual architect Hani Rashi and his wife LiseAnne Couture of Asymptote (designers of the curvy white Carlos Meile boutique on W. 14, the new Alessi shop on Greene Street, the virtual Guggenheim, NYSE's 3-D trading floor, etc.). Developers are the team who created the two original Richard Meier-designed 173-176 Perry Street towers next door. Interesting that they are trying a different strategy this time -- young turk experimental architect versus white-haired eminence -- for the third building in the trio.

Well, it's not like the guy's not busy. Let someone else have a crack at covering the West Village in glass, we say!
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166 Perry Street

166 Perry Street, New York, NY