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99 Gold Throws In Towel, Goes Rental

The trials and travails of 99 Gold, the Vinegar Hill new development from our friends at the Developers Group, are well documented around these parts. Perhaps you recall the massive, across-the-board PriceChop late last summer? Or the reader query asking WTF was going on in March? Or the stop-work order that hit the project later that month? It was all leading in one obvious direction. Per a Curbed tipster, "People who purchased at 99 Gold in Vinegar Hill (the next DUMBO) were informed today the building would be going rental." Nabe blog DumboNYC has more on the rental switch.

Two footnotes: will the rental occupants be as footloose and fancy-free as the folks depicted on 99 Gold's (still operational!) official site (above)? And secondly, and this bit of weirdness, from another tipster: "99 gold gone rental. Spoke with our broker at TDG, he said someone had called in a bomb threat (?!)." Your guess on that last one is as good as ours.

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