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CurbedWire: Plaza Gets a New Roof, Midtown Gets New Condos, Stables Sale Heartbreak

MIDTOWNBeen too long since we checked in on The Plaza. Lo, a tipster emails, "Here's an otherwise not-too-eventful shot of the Plaza roof being re-clad. The most thrilling part to me: with all the new look-at-me (and often not-so-attractive) architecture in the city, the Apple Store on the plaza of the GM building virtually disappears! Pretty sexy for what could have come out looking like a Fotomat." [CurbedWire Inbox]

MIDTOWNAn update on last week's Rumblings: "My broker told me that the parking lot at the [409-413 W 53rd] had been sold to a developer who was going to build a residential tower on it. Don't know if it would be co op or condo. They have a big plot so I'm guessing it will be tall." [CurbedWire Inbox]

UPPER WEST SIDEThe imminent closing of the Claremont Stables took many by surprise, especially the patrons who were only informed of the sale by reading the Daily News. A tipster writes, "As you noted, Claremont will close on Sunday afternoon. My mom volunteers weekly for a remarkable organization that enables mentally impaired children to ride horses. The music, the animals bring these often withdrawn children to life—they glow. Paul Novograd didn't tell the group or the devastated parents; they learned, as we all did, in the Daily News three days ago. I wonder, too, where the Metropolitan Opera's horses will go—they have lived there for years. Anyway to find out which realtor bought the site or how much Novograd was paid? It is an enormous loss for the City and what will become of the Bridle Path in Central Park?" [CurbedWire Inbox]

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