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CurbedWire: 15 CPW Sells Out, 183 E. Broadway Grows Up

UPPER WEST SIDEThe listing broker at 15 Central Park West tells us that the building is sold out, as of yesterday. Also, there was no fire there this week. [CurbedWire Mobile]

LOWER EAST SIDEMore looming tower news from BelDel, via this tipster report: "Does anyone know anything about the 13 story junky condo building being built at 183 East Broadway? This future piece of junk will tower over the historic Forward Building's 10 stories, a few doors away. They are continuing to violate a stop work order that was issued because their demolition and structural work caused huge cracks and shaking in the adjacent buildings." [CurbedWire Inbox]

15 Central Park West

15 Central Park West, Manhattan, NY 10023