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Curbed PriceSpotter: Flatiron Floorthru

Before we get started, a quick Spotter Update: 735 E. 9th, the retooled Alphabet City "two bedroom," is in contract. Must've been the brick-backed toilet. And now, without further ado, we present this week's property. You know the drill: we provide the listing details and you come up with the listing price. Today, best guesses in the comments. Tomorrow, the big reveal. Cheaters, we will find you help.

What/Where: 4BR co-op, 5th & 19th
Square Feet: ~3600 (per floorplan)
Maintenance: $3,265
Bonus Deets: The pics don't do this place justice, mostly because they don't adequately capture the 23' x 157' dimensions. The listing says there are almost 30 windows. We didn't count them all, but we did note that there's approximately 150 sqft carved out for a gym. You can probably use the space for a library, if that's your thing. In any case, we're just going to let you take a look at the floorplan now.

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