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CurbedWire: Fire Won't Go Out on the 'Upper West Side'

UPPER WEST SIDEIn yesterday's Wire, a 15 CPW source denied reports that there had been a fire in the building earlier this week. Two commenters say there definitely was a fire. "Actually, there was a fire. I saw it with my own two eyes," says Matt L. "It was out on the 2nd loor construction scaffold, but still -- there were fire trucks, a hose, water, the whole bit." [CurbedWire Inbox]

UPPER WEST SIDESpeaking of 15 CPW, a reader takes umbrage with our neighborhood classification of the new building (see left and above). He writes, "Maybe some people say 15CPW is the Upper West Side, as you do, but it has a totally different feel from where I live in the west 80's. When I moved here in 1969, the day I graduated from college, there weren't all those big new buildings between 59th & 72nd sts that make that area feel like midtown now. Donald Trump calls his complex below 72nd St the Upper West Side...again I disagree. He wants people to think Riverside Blvd is the same as Riverside Drive. There is a sucker born every minute." [CurbedWire Inbox]

UPPER WEST SIDEHad enough with UWS address news? Didn't think so. Another reader writes, "I am not sure if you noticed that among the many ads in TONY this week was one for Harrison 76 (Don’t know where they get that name). It contains the website address and a pic of the proposed building. Harrison 76 is the name of the building designed by Robert Stern and built by Related on the former home of the Dakota Stables. Interestingly, the address is 205 West 76th whereas the Dakota Stables had an address on Amsterdam (I have been interested in this project so I have done too much research about it!). And it promises to have an Equinox, does that beat the sexy of Platinum or the Beaver?" Platinum maybe, but nothing beats the Beaver. [CurbedWire Inbox]