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LPC Strips 25 Broad, Not Sold on 443 Greenwich

The Downtown Express updates us on what the Landmarks Preservation Commission is up to below Canal, and first up is Swig Equities' plan for Broad Street in the FiDi. The rumblings were true, and Kent Swig will get his way. The LPC de-landmarked 25 Broad Street (!), currently being converted to condos under the name the Exchange, and denoted above with a big red 1. This allows Swig to demolish a rear wing, and transfer some of the building's air rights over to Swig's 45 Broad (#2 above), which is getting demolished and will now be allowed to rise 47 stories instead of 35. Yowza. Then there's Tribeca's 443 Greenwich, which is being converted to a luxury condo-hotel. The LPC got a little pissy with the developers' plans to add balconies to the apartments that face an interior courtyard, as well as tbe mechanical bulkheads on the roof, so they ain't got love for it yet.
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25 Broad Street

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