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CurbedWire: A Taste of Remy, Sales in the Status, Trump Tower's Myster Beams

CHELSEARemember the Remy, the FloMa tower designed by Costas Kondylis? A tipster sends the photographic update above, which is notable for its lack of updating. He writes, "[this] has been like this for 16 months now. Has the Remy been scrapped? Why don't they clean up after themselves? That sidewalk has been blocked for just as long and for what? Plus, who knows how many rats have made that basement their new home? A rat condo or 'ra-tondo'." [CurbedWire Inbox]

CHELSEAMarket heat check from a former Development Du Jour, the Chelsea Stratus: "I went there for an appointment on Friday March 30th," writes a tipster. "the sales office opened on the 29th, and everything released was sold! They released more apartments, up to approx 44 units and all have contracts out from what I understand." [CurbedWire Inbox]

MIDTOWN Catching up with some non-Soho Trumpness, a tipster asks, "What's going on at Trump Tower? Large steel beams have been erected in front of the former Asprey storefront. These are not those common scaffolding beams but very large steel columns planted in the sidewalk." [CurbedWire Inbox]