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Rumblings & Bumblings: Greenpoint Steel, More Shuttered Gas in Chelsea, Downtown Demo

Lots of reader queries this week. If you've got an answer, leave a note in the comments. If you've got another question, or a sweet, sweet digital photograph, drop a line to Answers Thursday.

1) Greenpoint: We begin in Greenpoint, where things have been heating up of late. Writes our photog, "Steel is going up at 143 Huron Street in Greenpoint. On the left is the old public bath building, and behind is the large Magic Johnson site...I believe this is going to be a 6 story 12 unit building." More details, please.
2) West Village: A tipster writes, "Any idea what's going on at 85 Jane Street in the West Village? It had been the location of Pro Piano, but their sign has been removed and the building looks empty."
3) Chelsea: From a few blocks uptown, another tipster writes, "I live next door an empty lot that, until recently, was a closed gas station. It is on 10th ave between 27th and 28th street (sandwiched between two higher profile closed gas stations. -ed.). Do you guys have any idea what is going to be built there?"
4) FiDi: "Any idea what's going on at 45 broad?" writes another reader. "was an 8-story office building. last permit for demolition, which is now almost completed. any word on what is going up there?"
5) Greenwich Village: Finally, we conclude with this short and sweet reader query: "76 E 13th St: What's being developed there?"
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