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On the (Rental) Market: Star Wars Chic in LIC

What does a $7,800/month 2BR rental get you in Long Island City? Cue John Williams theme: "Why pay $3,000 or $4,000 a month or pay $300,000 to 600,000 to live in a high rise building that offers $30 home depot lighting fixtures and $10 sheetrock walls. We offer superb technology in a Star Wars movie setting as L.I.C. is becoming the Motion Picture Meca with SILVERCUP STUDIOS expanding we are ready today while all the others are living in caves."

Them's fighting words! So how is the loft like living in Star Wars? Seems to have something to do with those colored lights (bottom right, above): "We designed the state of the art color kinnetics lighting system that uses actual theatrical lighting all computerized ( controlled )also custom video security and ADT connections." Well, worked on someone: the place has just been rented TO A 1 YEAR LEASE, per an update to the CL ad.
· Star Wars Apartment in L.I.C. [Craigslist]