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Downtown Townhouse Sets Record

A late arriving tip from the inbox last night: "If you check ACRIS you will see that 11 West 10th Street recently closed for $33.1488M." Of course, we got all pumped to share this historic news, only to see on Page 6 that that rapscallion Braden Keil already broke it. Well played, Keil. Anyhowsers, the 55-foot-wide 1847 townhouse was listed at $37.5 million, so this is somewhat of a letdown. Still, it's a record for a downtown single-family residence. The buyer is an anonymous Wall Street banker (obvs), and the seller is venture capitalist Fred Wilson and family who, by the way, bought the place in 2000 for just over $7 million. Extensive renovations aside, it looks like the Wilsons still comes away with a pretty penny from this one.
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