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CurbedWire: NY Times Building Sold, Name Change in Williamsburg, Jeter On the Move

TIMES SQUAREThe original New York Times Building has been sold. Israeli billionaire Lev Leviev has scooped up the iconic building for $525 million from Tishman Speyer, who had paid $175 million for it in 2004. [Crain's]

WILLIAMSBURGA change of name and address can't throw us off the scent of 326 South 1st Street. A tipster passes along this report following a conversation with a broker: "145 Borinquen Place in Williamsburg is opening in about three weeks. It is called Triangulum (triangle building)...I tried to get in to look at the apts, but i couldn't. I did however go into the lobby and hallways and it looks like it is on its way to being a really cool renovation of an older walkup building. Definitely worth checking out. Not sure of pricing." Landlord backgrounder here. [CurbedWire Inbox]

MISCELLANEOUSIt's not just Joe Torre who is rumored to be on his way out of New York. A tipster reports, "Heard on a flight from JFK to Las Vegas on Thursday, Derek Jeter bought a farmhouse in Middlebury, CT. DJ currently lives in a TRUMP tower by the UN." [CurbedWire Inbox]