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6 Columbus Update: Two Years Later, Still 6 Weeks Away

It was July 2005 when Jason Pomeranc's new hotel, 6 Columbus, first declared they were "about six weeks away" from opening. The claim was most recently repeated back in March, when April 16 was targeted for 6C's soft open. Reports a HotelChatter tipster who just toured the property at 6 Columbus Circle, "The only thing I could say negative about the room was that the thermostat is one of those old slide style ones, not a digital. I don't know jack about HVAC but it seemed odd to me. And now the grand finale, they estimate opening in 4 weeks, probably 1st week in June."

We're going to continue to ignore the idea that 6C will ever open. Instead, our hearty congratulations to Pomeranc & Crew for getting its branded parking-space-thing out onto the curb! Baby steps!
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