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As the Sheffield Turns: Swig Sends In the Band!

There are at least seven circles of crazy in New York City real estate, and the situation at Sheffield57—Kent Swig's condo-conversion project on West 57th—seems intent on plumming each of them. A Curbed reader sends along the latest report from the front lines:

Any idea what the fuck was going on at the Sheffield 57 on Sunday afternoon? Residents (like me) of the neighboring Parc Vendome Apartments were awakened at 10:30am on Sunday to the sounds of a 20(?) piece marching band just outside our private garden—in the public space between the PV and the Sheffield. Apparently 6 or so residents of the Sheffield obtained a permit to quietly demonstrate against the Sheffield's condo conversion. But Sheffield owner Kent Swig got wind of it ahead of time and hired a huge marching band to drown them out. The band played for over 4 hours on on otherwise peaceful Sunday morning and afternoon, destroying the day for the whole neighborhood.

We'd be disinclined to believe this could have happened were it not for a Metro blurb today confirming same. Anyone else catch the theatrics? Further reports from the scene requested, nay, demanded.
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